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Adult Educational Programs

In the United States, especially in Palm Beach, it is clear that there is a well established link between low literacy and poor health.  At the forefront of equipping low literacy adults with the adequate education needed, stands Helping Hands. It is through innovative programs that combine both literacy and health; Helping Hands introduces knowledge and strategies to people. This, we believe, will be an effective method of reaching those most at risk for poor health and illiteracy.

At Helping Hands, we develop, adapt and disseminate student materials for adults with basic literacy and English skills. We are there to address the unmet needs of underprivileged and underrepresented adults. By using the latest educational technology to increase the quality and accessibility or materials for individuals with low literacy skills, Helping Hands Initiative helps people secure better jobs, become better parents, contribute more to their community and thus building better communities.


The Helping Hands Initiative program will help families build strong parenting skills, expand their vocational abilities, and provide them with a positive community with cultural activities. Helping Hands will provide a monthly class where persons will learn how to keep and balance a cheque book, how to budget and even how to plan for purhases that are cost effective and nutritious groceries. Helping Hands will incorporate an educational program that will simply help build the community.   


If you wish to see this become actualized, contact us today and show that you are willing to give a “helping hand.