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Our History

The Helping Hands Initiative program was formed by citizens in 2011 as a temporary outreach project, its objective being to serve the community with food, emergency assistance, clothing and referrals. However, when the economy became such a major separating factor for every class in the nation, Helping Hands Initiative needed to be established as a permanent landmark for minority classes as well as low income and poverty level individuals.  


Therefore, Helping Hands Initiative expanded its efforts to encompass the entire community, and “picked up the slack” from other entities. As an organization, we strive to provide food and emergency assistance to our homeless community which has significantly expanded due to all the legislation by the White House.  


Further, most of the jobless individuals in this nation are the convicted offenders. It is noticed that majority of the jobs presently prefer to hire individuals with no criminal background as opposed to those with criminal backgrounds. As such, we are now left in the state that we are currently in where the only resource of making a living for many is by committing more crimes.


Helping Hands Initiative, therefore, is seeking grants that will award it adequate money to address the areas of community health and educational needs. Additionally, we are in the planning process of acquiring a building to conduct all programs.