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Restoring felons

The citizens of Florida voted to restore voting rights to felons who h...

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Reconizing Intern

 The International Day of Peace is obsereved around the world eac...

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2018 Back To Scho

 Boynton 2018 Back to School Supplies Giveaway view related link...

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Apply for summer

 Earn while you learn...

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Teen Empowerment through Motivational Speech


How do you encourage young people to do their best? Create an environment ripe for their leadership? Ensure that they can safely experiment and succeed in developing stronger skills and confidence?



Helping Hands Initiative believes strongly that youths have much potential and it is our intention to capitalize on it, which will help in community building. Therefore, we encourage, equip and train students by having well educated and motivated persons come and talk to them. These speakers will discuss youth related topics thus educating the youth to become well rounded persons in society. We moreover think that if the students can relate to the speakers, for example if the speakers went through similar circumstances, they can better connect and relate to them.



Know someone who would be a perfect role model for these students? If so, contact us today and help us to impact the teenagers of our society in a positive manner.