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Restoring felons

The citizens of Florida voted to restore voting rights to felons who h...

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Reconizing Intern

 The International Day of Peace is obsereved around the world eac...

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2018 Back To Scho

 Boynton 2018 Back to School Supplies Giveaway view related link...

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Apply for summer

 Earn while you learn...

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Upcoming Events

Back to School Event Planning for 2017

By: Kenny Breeze - March 27, 2017

Meetings and  Planning for HHI 2017 back to school event is now taking place. Updates to follow.

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2015-16 School Backpack Planning Sessions

By: Kenny Breeze - February 2, 2015

Helping Hands Initiative, Inc. is in the process of planning strategy sessions for the upcoming 2015-16 Back to school backpack campaign. We hope to building on the past successes and mistakes so as to make the 2015-16 campaign outstanding. As we expand and deepen out roots with local businesses to partner with in a varieties of innovative ways.We hope we can count on you for a tax deductible donation. Go to support our cause page to donate.

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