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Holiday Food Drives


In order for us live out our mandate of “building communities, one at a time,” we need to first meet the physical needs of people especially where food is concerned.

As such, one of the programs we are involved in regularly is ‘food drives.’ In our eyes, a food drive is a concentrated effort which helps in collecting commercially-packaged, non- perishable items which aid families and individuals facing a food crisis. The more food drives we have, the more materials we obtain which in turn means the more people we can reach.

What we hope to accomplish?


Helping Hands Initiative encourages you to work along with us in the fight to end hunger in our Palm Beach area by providing food supplies to those in need of it. By lending your support and pitching in whether it is by volunteering or by giving food, we are confident that eventually we can help eradicate the current food crisis. This in turn helps in the betterment of the community and even leads to a decrease in crime rate.  Our food drives are usually coordinated for the holiday seasons such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even summer.

Never will we have to see person’s begging for food with this initiative if you just contact us to show and/ or lend your support.


Who we hope to reach?


There are two major groups Helping Hands Initiative aim to impact meaningfully when having food drives. These are :-

    • Those that are capable of assisting by providing foodstuff or funding some food items
    • On the other side of the stratum, those that are incapable of providing or obtaining food for their families.


With an increasing need for large food donations on a weekly basis and an increasing desire from people like yourself who we are certain are looking for meaningful ways to get their organizations involved – Helping Hands Initiative is a perfect match.

Contact us if you are interested. Together, we can help our community.