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Restoring felons

The citizens of Florida voted to restore voting rights to felons who h...

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Reconizing Intern

 The International Day of Peace is obsereved around the world eac...

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2018 Back To Scho

 Boynton 2018 Back to School Supplies Giveaway view related link...

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Apply for summer

 Earn while you learn...

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Crime Prevention Program


In collaboration with the Sheriff’s department, Helping Hands Initiative is working to construct solution to today’s crime especially in the Palm Beach area. Our goal is to provide a forum for the exchange, coordination and teaching of ideas, concepts and programs pertaining to the reduction of crime.

We believe the safety of a neighborhood is an important indicator of its overall economic and social health. It is only when there is a safe neighborhood can common values and community quality of life be fostered. On the other hand, crime creates fear.

Join us in our mission to promote a safer and healthier community. Contact us today.